I became familiar with Auswide Bank when I started with my current employer who had always banked with Auswide Bank. That was 20 years ago and although I've had other banking options presented to me, I have never once thought about changing banks. 

Auswide Bank gives us everything and more with many different options for us to do our business banking including online, via the mobile app and in branch.

What I personally like about Auswide Bank is that they still have that old fashioned customer service where someone actually knows you personally – where else can you get this service?

You don't have to take a number and wait to be served like some other banks. I am a busy working person and don't have the time to sit and wait to be called – that is why I don't bank anywhere else.

The staff have also assisted me with BPAY, direct deposits and other banking and are always willing to show me how to do things. They give their time and attention and make sure my questions are answered.