This year Auswide Bank celebrates 50 years of making a difference to the lives of people and the financial landscape. Sitting back reflecting on this milestone got me thinking about our promise of "Small things, Big difference". Our staff are regularly shown appreciation and support by our customers. We receive flowers in branch, letters thanking us for exceptional customer service and we've no shortage of advocates to sing our praises.

But if you really stop and dissect what "Small things, Big difference" means as a company, it can be interpreted in many ways. The 'small things' we do each and everyday that make a 'big difference' to the life of our colleagues and customers. It could mean going the extra mile for someone, delivering on a promise made, resolving a customer complaint, attention to detail or simply identifying a process that could be made easier.  

It's more than that though, it's personal. What 'small things' can you do, to make a 'big difference' in someone's life? And, what 'small things' make you sit back and appreciate your life and the people in it?

I thought I'd ask this question of a few of my work colleagues and here's our list of Top 50 'small things' that make a 'big difference' to their lives. See how many you agree with, and how many more you can think of:

  1. Sand between your toes
  2. A smile from a stranger
  3. A good cup of coffee
  4. A glass of wine after work
  5. A new pair of shoes
  6. Hearing your favourite song on the radio
  7. A relaxing bubble bath
  8. The smell of rain
  9. Friday knock off
  10. When your kids say "I love you"
  11. An interesting book
  12. Fresh cut flowers
  13. A Sunday nanna nap
  14. A good laugh with friends
  15. A hot shower after you've been camping
  16. Breakfast in bed
  17. A smile from a loved one
  18. A song that brings back memories
  19. Finding money you didn't know you had
  20. A sleep in
  21. Receiving a hand written letter
  22. A morning dew
  23. Finding a four leaf clover
  24. Singing in the car
  25. Walking barefoot in a park
  26. The sound of the ocean
  27. Having a good hair day
  28. Fresh sheets on the bed
  29. Reading a book to your child
  30. When someone says "bless you" after you sneeze
  31. A beautiful sunset
  32. Kindness without expecting anything back
  33. A cool sea breeze
  34. The unconditional love of a pet
  35. Freshly baked bread with butter
  36. Complimenting yourself and others
  37. Silence
  38. A starry night
  39. Barracking for the underdog
  40. Receiving appreciation when you least expect it
  41. A walk in the rainforest
  42. Biting into a sweet strawberry
  43. Wearing your favourite jeans
  44. 'New car' smell
  45. Candlelight
  46. Marshmallows on a camp fire
  47. A perfectly wrapped gift
  48. Your favourite home cooked meal
  49. A cold beer on a hot day
  50. A baby's laugh