It's that time of year again: the end of the financial year. And the end of the financial year means tax time.

Tax is an unavoidable part of employment, but preparing your tax return doesn't have to be stressful.

We've put together some quick tips and tricks to help make your life easier for this year's return and the next.

Get into a receipt routine.
You've probably heard this piece of advice before, but keeping records and receipts will save you a lot of grief come tax time.

If the idea of keeping paper copies is stressing you out, don't fret! The ATO accepts electronic receipts.

You can figure out a system that works for you, whether it's taking a photo of every receipt and saving it in a folder on your phone or computer, or using the ATO app.

The ATO app also allows you to record car trips and other deductions on the go, which will help to keep track of everything and save you a lot of time after June 30.

Know what you can and can't claim as a deduction.

Make sure you understand the tax deductions available to you in your job.

Put simply, if you spend money in relation to your work, you may be able to claim this expense as a deduction as part of your tax return. This can include a proportion of your phone or internet bill if you use your personal phone for work, or work from home.

You can also claim charitable donations over the amount of $2, so if you donate to any causes throughout the year make sure you keep your tax receipts.

The ATO website has more detailed information on deductions but if you're unsure, contact a qualified tax agent.

Stick to the due date.

You need to lodge your tax return by the 31st of October 2017. If you're feeling a little disorganised now, there's plenty of time to get organised before then. Break it down into smaller milestones - for example, organising your receipts or sorting out any invoices - and put reminders in your calendar to keep on track and ensure a stress-free tax time.