Verified by Visa

Extra protection when shopping online with your Auswide Bank Visa Debit or Credit Card.

Extra online protection with Verified by Visa.

Verified by Visa is a free service that provides you with extra protection and security when you purchase goods or services from a participating Verified by Visa retailer via the internet using your Auswide Bank Visa debit or Visa credit card.

The Verified by Visa service helps authenticate that you are communicating with Auswide Bank during your online shopping transaction.

It can also help verify that it is you who is using your card online - before we authorise the purchase.

What happens when you conduct an online purchase using verified by Visa?

Whenever you make an online purchase with a participating Verified by Visa online retailer, you will be prompted to supply some personal information.  Upon verification, your purchase can then proceed.

Where you can shop with Verified by Visa?

An ever increasing number of online retailers are becoming Verified by Visa merchants.

If the online retailer is not yet participating, you can still choose to pay with your Auswide Bank Visa card however your purchase will proceed without the additional level of security that Verified by Visa offers.