Line of Credit

Our lives change, so why not arrange a loan that changes with you!

Enjoy complete flexibility

A line of credit allows you to borrow against the equity in your home. Just like a credit card, you’ll have a preapproved borrowing limit ready to go when you need it whatever life throws at you! Plus just like a credit card, you’ll only pay interest on the amount you draw. Of course that’s at affordable home loan, not credit card, interest rates!

It means in the future you have the freedom to update your home with renovations, purchase a new car, take an overseas holiday, pay for the kids education or purchase property or shares up to your preapproved limit without ever having to apply for a new loan every time you want to borrow money.

You can even ‘split’ your limit into smaller portions with Line of Credit Access Accounts used for different purposes, such as separating personal and investment debt to help you manage your tax obligations.

It’s easy to access your credit limit with our great range of banking services such as transferring funds through Internet Banking or withdrawing money at an ATM.

Our Visa Debit Card allows you the opportunity to access your own money in Australia and overseas in many ways.

Save on loan interest, loan & everyday banking fees, home & car insurance and credit cards when you qualify for our Freedom Package.

Our Home Lending Consultants will support you both now, with obligation free advice and pre-approval, and in the future by always being available and approachable.

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With a Line of Credit, you can enjoy:

  • Easy application process and pre-approval
  • Direct line now and in the future to an experienced Home Lending Consultant
  • Approved credit limit up to 85% of property valuation^
  • Great value with a competitive variable rate payable only on what you draw
  • Easy access to funds up to your approved limit with our range of convenient banking services including Visa Debit Card access
  • Repay as much and as often as you like to suit your income stream
  • Split your line of credit into portions with up to 9 Access Accounts for different purposes
  • Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking convenience including the ability to transfer funds, pay bills, check your loan balance, account history and send us secure emails
  • Free transaction statement per month

Loan Fees

Please review our Home Loan Fees & Charges for full details.

Interest Rates

Please review our Home Loan Interest Rate Schedule »

Line of Credit Application

Auswide Bank gives you great options for applying for or enquiring about our home loans. If you are unable to visit one of our branches why not apply now!

Apply Now

Please save the interactive PDF Home Loan Application form to your computer and complete all sections of the application to the best of your ability. Some information required includes:

  • Full names, addresses and contact details of all applicants
  • Occupation/Employer details
  • Gross monthly income from all sources
  • Asset Details (List of what you own, such as property, motor vehicles, shares, furniture, superannuation, and their values)
  • Existing Loans (Home Loans, Personal Loans, Leasing Contracts, Hire Purchase)
  • Credit Card Limits and Current Balances
  • Savings Account Details
  • Details of the property you are offering as security for the loan
  • We will also require your consent to complete a credit check on each applicant (and guarantor, if relevant) with a recognised credit reporting agency.

To submit your application, please print out your completed Loan Application, sign and return to Auswide Bank via one of the following methods:

  • Scan and email to:
  • Free Post to (no stamp required):
    Auswide Bank Home Loans
    Reply Paid 1063
    Bundaberg Qld 4670
  • Fax to: (07) 4152 3299

Our helpful Lending Consultants will be happy to follow up with any further information required when we review your application.

What Happens Next?

After receipt of your Loan Application we will assess your application and contact you within the next business day.

This will allow us to obtain any further information that may be required for approval and discuss the particulars of your application (including details of applicable fees and charges).

We also need to obtain a valuation of the property(s) being offered as security, and in certain circumstances, the approval of our mortgage insurers.

You will be required to pay for this non-refundable valuation. This is the only up-front fee payable for processing your application.

We will also need to obtain certain documentation verifying the information provided in your application. The documentation will differ for home loan or line of credit applications. Once again one of our Loans Consultants will advise you exactly what is required in your case.

After receipt of the valuation and documentation and approval of your application - you will be sent a written offer that contains the full terms and conditions of the proposed loan.

Enquire Online if you would like more information on our requirements or the loans process.

This information is a summary of features & benefits only. This is not an offer to lend - credit assessment criteria, terms and conditions & fees and charge apply - full details on application. Loans are only available to approved applicants offering security in approved property in Australia.

Prior to entering into a credit contract with us you should read our Credit Guide.

^Deposit criteria may vary depending on the location and type of property being used as security.