Cheque Deposits

Depositing cheques to your account has never been easier...

Cheque Deposits

Every day, we handle thousands of Australian cheques which are processed for payment through a cheque clearing system*.

All cheques (including customer personal cheques, bank cheques and government cheques) must be deposited through an Auswide Bank account for validation** and clearance – as we are not able to cash cheques due to increasing levels of fraud.

Easy Simply visit an Auswide Bank branch or send us a cheque in the mail with the details of the Auswide Bank account to be credited.
Interest savings Funds from cheque deposits earn interest in deposit accounts or save you interest in loan accounts from the day of the deposit.
Funds availability Funds will be available to you for withdrawal when cheque has been cleared. While there are no problems with the majority of cheques, some cheques are dishonoured for various reasons (including fraud, a lack of available funds in the account to be debited etc.) If the cheque is dishonoured, either before or after you have accessed the funds, your account will be debited with the amount of the cheque and a dishonour fee. It is then your responsibility to resolve the matter with the cheque writer. Check details of normal Cheque Clearance Times.
Early Clearance If you receive a regular cheque for salary or wages you may apply for early access to these funds. Certain conditions apply.
Bank Special Clearance May be arranged where you require early clearance on a particular cheque.
Cheque drawn from overseas We will also convert cheques or cheque drafts that are made out in a foreign currency and/or drawn on a foreign bank or Australian bank into Australian dollars: Foreign Cheques & Drafts - Inward.

Cheque Clearance Times

  • Normally, 3 business days from the date the cheque is banked to Auswide Bank's bankers and enters the Cheque Clearance Cycle.
  • Selected cheques deposited at branches may not be sent to the bank until the next working day. In this case, allow 4 business days. Auswide Bank staff can confirm the normal clearance period at time of depositing. We may consider your application to gain immediate access to funds from cheques, eg: wages, from a single source regularly deposited to your account when you complete a Cheque Immediate Access Application.
  • Suspicious, damaged or mutilated cheques may require longer clearance periods

Cheques deposited via Bank@Post

  • Normally, 7 business days from the date the cheque is banked at Australia Post.

Overseas cheques

Bank Special Clearance

We can arrange for a bank special clearance in cases where you require early clearance on a particular cheque - you will need to request this on the date of cheque deposit.

In most cases these cheques will still require a minimum of 2 business days for clearance.

Special Clearance will incur a fee. To arrange a Special Clearance contact an Auswide Bank branch.

Cheque Deposits: *Cheque services are available by arrangement with Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141. **Cheque payee details will be confirmed to the Auswide Bank Account Name in which the cheque is to be deposited. Should the cheque payee differ from the Account Name, we will require the cheque to be endorsed and the endorser's signature will need to be validated. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a cheque where the endorsement cannot be validated to our satisfaction and where the true owner of the cheque cannot be established.

Cheque Clearance Times: *Due to increasing levels of fraud - customer’s own personal cheques, bank and government cheques all require normal clearance periods and will not automatically be given immediate clearance.