As much as we try to prevent them, sometimes unexpected events occur.

While we can't control these things happening, we can ensure that we're protected in the event of damage to our home or its contents.

As the end of the year approaches, it's a good time to reassess insurance policies and make sure you are covered.

Your home and its contents are changing constantly. Whether you're renovating or simply changing furniture, as improvements are made you risk under-insuring your home.

We always recommend that you complete a regular inventory of your home and contents to ensure that you are protected should unexpected damage occur.

Our Home Contents Insurance Calculator is a great tool that can help you estimate how much your contents should be insured for. Don't forget that what seem like small items, such as home entertainment systems or vacuums all add up.

When it comes to building insurance, it can be a little harder to estimate how much it would cost to, for example, rebuild your home if it was necessary. Many factors come into play, such as when your home was built, what finishes and materials have been used and whether your home is on flat or sloping land.

We have a Home Building Insurance Calculator that will help estimate how much you should insure your home for.

Using our insurance calculators, you can rest assured you will be adequately insured to protect your home and its contents.

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