Hi Everyone

It's been a busy time at Auswide Bank as we have released our best results in many years showing improvement pretty much across the board. Despite the challenges we all know about (and get reminded of regularly) we strengthened our performance and were pleased to strengthen our return to our shareholders with a dividend improvement.

Really pleasingly we also attracted over 4,000 new customers to the bank over the year. This is a strong indication that we are being seen by more people as a better option than the big banks. Banks that we believe are factories for most customers while we like to think of ourselves as boutique. We spend more time to know our customers, we greet like no other in our branch network and believe our digital/online offerings to be no fuss, simple and convenient solutions.

All said and done, the biggest test for any bank, building society or credit union is when you need help to solve a problem. We take this seriously, finding the best solution and respond quickly. Our recent customer service and feedback tell us we are on track, however we won't rest or take this granted as we want to keep on improving.

All the best