Pay for goods or send money to your loved ones

It's easy when you arrange a Foreign Currency Draft with Auswide Bank!

Like a cheque for overseas!

A draft is similar to an international bank cheque, made out to the beneficiary in their local currency and can be used to make payments or for settling transactions overseas.

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With a Foreign Currency Draft arranged by Auswide Bank*, you can enjoy:

  • The choice of a wide range of currencies
  • The ability to send payment in the mail to a person or company overseas with a letter or invoice.
  • The ability to send money to a friend or family members as a gift
  • A great option if you don't have the beneficiary's bank account details.
  • Comfort of knowing a draft can only be credited to the payee's bank account unless the payee has endorsed the draft^
  • Fast delivery of the draft to you or an Auswide branch within one or two working days+
  • The ability to cancel and reissue by visiting an Auswide branch

Available Currencies

Code Currency Code Currency
AED United Arab Emirates Dirham KES Kenyan Shilling
AUD Australian Dollar MXN Mexican Peso
BHD Bahraini Dinar NOK Norwegian Krone
CAD Canadian Dollar NZD New Zealand Dollar
CHF Swiss Francs PHP Philippine Peso
DKK Danish Krone SAR Saudi Arabian Riyal
EUR Euro SED Swedish Krona
FJD Fijian Dollar SGD Singapore Dollar
GBP British Pound Sterling THB Thai Baht
HKD Hong Kong Dollar USD United States Dollar
INR Indian Rupee XPF Tahitian Franc
JPY Japanese Yen ZAR South African Rand

As at 1 November 2014

This information is a summary of features & benefits only. We do not provide advice about this product based on any consideration of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. To decide if it is right for you please carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

The issue of foreign drafts is arranged by Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) ABN 24 150 129 749, AFSL 404092 . In arranging a foreign draft, Auswide Bank Ltd (Auswide Bank) ABN 40 087 652 060 AFSL 239686 acts as an agent for WUBS and not as your agent. If you buy WUBS products, Auswide Bank may be paid commission. To help you make an informed decision about whether to acquire a WUBS product through Auswide Bank you should read our Auswide Bank Financial Services Guide.

* It is a requirement under the AML/CTF Act 2006 that identification is collected when applying for this product - if you are not an existing Auswide Bank client who has been previously identified, it will be necessary to produce acceptable forms of identification.

+ Delivery is subject to normal order cut-off and delivery times

^ If a Draft is lost or stolen it can usually be stopped and a new draft issued – unless it has already been presented for payment.