Switch to Auswide Bank

Switching your accounts or loans to Auswide Bank can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

What would you like to switch to Auswide Bank?

Switch Accounts to Auswide Bank

Switching is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Open a new account. You can call us on 1300 138 831 to do this for you, or get started now. Alternatively you can visit us in any branch.
  2. Provide us with evidence of the identity of each Signatory/Authority
  3. Complete and sign an 'Authority to Close Account' and we'll be happy to deal with your current bank for you.

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Switch Regular Payments Deducted from Another Bank Account so They Are Taken from My Auswide Bank Account

It's easier than you think to switch regular payments being deducted from your old or another bank account so they are debited from your Auswide Bank account. We can even arrange this for you!

Switching is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. If you want us to make the switch for you, complete both the Switch of Regular Payment Arrangements and Notice of Variation of Account Details for Recurring Payments forms.
  2. Alternatively you can contact your old bank and request them to give you a schedule of your regular electronic payments made over the last 13 months which they are required to provide. Provide this list to Auswide Bank together with a Notice of Variation of Account Details.

In either case, please return any completed forms to your nearest Auswide Bank branch; post to: Reply Paid 1063, Bundaberg QLD 4670; fax them to us to (07) 4152 3499 or email to auswide@auswidebank.com.au.

We suggest that you read Switching Made Easy - getting help to make the switch or, if you wish to, Switching Made Easy - doing it yourself to fully understand your switch options and to ensure a smooth changeover.

Note: Auswide Bank has no control over when the organisation making the debit to your account will update their records and effect the first deduction.

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Switch regular payments to an Auswide Bank account

If you need to change your regular payments to an Auswide Bank account, you may be required to do so in writing. Please complete the Updated Account Details Notification form to contact your regular payment companies to update your details.

Switch Home Loans to Auswide Bank

Is switching a good idea?

Switching your current home loan to Auswide Bank could be a good idea if:

  • your current lender isn't listening to you
  • you're looking to pay off your loan sooner and save money
  • you're looking for a more competitive interest rate
  • you're planning to move or renovate soon
  • you want to access the equity in your home for investment
  • your circumstances have changed
  • you want more home loan features or flexibility
  • your existing loan doesn't suit you

Our lending consultants are here to support your needs, whether you want to refinance, pay your loan off earlier or keep your repayments low. It's about having the flexibility to do what you want.

Switching is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Discuss your options with us. Make an appointment with a Lending Consultant by calling 1300 138 831 and discover what you can gain by refinancing. Alternatively you can visit us in any branch.
  2. Apply for an Auswide Bank home loan. You can read about applying for a home loan, or get started now.
  3. Once we've approved your application, we'll be happy to deal with your current bank or loan provider for you.

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Is your non-Auswide Bank credit card or store card getting out of hand? Make the switch to an Auswide Bank credit card with a balance transfer.

Transfer to a New Auswide Bank Credit Card

Low Rate Visa Credit Card

To apply for an Auswide Bank Low Rate Visa Credit Card:

Platinum Rewards Mastercard

To apply for an Auswide Bank Platinum Rewards Mastercard:

Transfer to an Existing Auswide Bank Credit Card

Low Rate Visa Credit Card

If you have an existing Auswide Bank Low Rate Visa credit card, simply complete the Balance Transfer Request form

For further information call 1300 138 831 (7am-7pm, Mon-Fri)

Platinum Rewards Mastercard

If you have an existing Auswide Bank Platinum Rewards Mastercard, visit Card Services Online Manage My Card and click on ‘My Offers’. Please Note: Balance Transfer offers will only appear if you are eligible.

Alternatively, you can call 1300 135 538 (+61 2 8225 0620 if calling from outside Australia)

Customer reviews

P S Hight

"I have only just joined the bank. From the instance they staff were friendly and very obliging. The bank I recently joined were difficult to understand and organise accounts and needed to come back for appointments as they could NEVER assist when needed. Auswide completely the opposite-the customer came FIRST :). Will recommend this bank to any one because of the service."


"I would like to commend Heidi Bartels from the Canelands branch of Auswide bank. Heidi assisted us to get a loan after we were advised by a major bank that we would not get one. This was despite the fact that we had previously held a loan with that bank and only a few months earlier were offered a further loan, which we did not need at that time. The staff member at that bank made us feel very small and unimportant. She then tried to refer us onto a loan broker who would no doubt provide a kickback to that bank. She advised us that there was no point trying any other bank. Thankfully we met Heidi who is amazing and made us feel like we mattered. She explained everything fully, was super friendly, followed up with us when she said she would and we were delighted when we had our loan approved. Auswide bank care about their clients and from our dealings with them appear to go above and beyond. I highly recommend Auswide and Heidi who is a genuinely helpful and considerate person."

Ewan Franklin

"My husband & I have been banking with Auswide for at lease 18 years. The service we have received has always been good but I do have to say there is one member of your team in Yeppoon that always stands out. Don't get me wrong all the ladies at the branch are friendly and very helpful but Debbie is just a beacon of life. Her attitude she has with all of the customers is amazing. Debbie is always smiling, up for a chat and a laugh. Debbie knows her product and can talk to you so you understand without making you feel stupid. We both feel that Debbie goes above and beyond for all her customers and with the rest of the team have a great community spirit. Keep up the great work Debbie, Jane and Margie, Well done"

Based on reviews from ProductReview.com.au, last updated 25th May 2020, for latest live testimonials, ratings and reviews please visit ProductReview.com.au.