Our Community

Auswide Bank and our people are part of your community!

Our Community

Auswide Bank and our people are part of your community!

As a caring corporate citizen, we sponsor and support a number of local activities, organisations, events and projects covering a wide range of sporting, cultural and community interests and endeavours.

We ask that any organisation seeking financial or in-kind support please consider the following options.

Each request for support is assessed individually and is based on our budget, the merit of the application and whether the application has met Our Community Support Strategy.

Funding/Support Options

Hero Partnerships

Support for large scale, state or national level partnerships.
Applications due: May 31st (for projects July – June of the next financial year)
Applications should come in the form of a formal partnership proposal, outlining proposed outcomes and benefits for Auswide Bank. Please email proposals to marketing@auswidebank.com.au.

Corporate Sponsorships

Support for major, key events in the core heartland regions of Bundaberg, Mackay & Brisbane.
Applications due: at least 3 months prior to any event / project
Applications should come in the form of a formal sponsorship proposal, outlining proposed outcomes and benefits for Auswide Bank. Please email proposals to marketing@auswidebank.com.au

Our Community Grants Scheme

Support for grass roots events and projects under $3,000 in Far North Queensland, Central Queensland and South East Queensland.
Applications due: at least 3 months prior to any event / project. Apply Now.

In kind support

Community Organisations can apply for in-kind support in the way of signage, marquee hire, merchandise or to have our company Mascots Ziggy the Piggy or Leroy the Lion attend their community event. In kind requests of this nature should include a cover letter outlining the benefits to Auswide Bank, in addition to one of the forms available, and can be emailed direct to our marketing@auswidebank.com.au. These requests are also subject to availability and other considerations.

Worthwhile projects & eligibility

Auswide Bank provides financial support to organisations ranging from small unincorporated groups to large organisations & sporting teams.

Applicants of 'Our Community Grants Scheme' must hold an Auswide Bank account to be eligible for funding prior to making an application. Please refer to our Guidelines for further information around eligibility for this scheme.

We provide grant funding for purposes that are charitable or benevolent (in other words, for public good). Your request for a grant should relate to your organisation's objectives, as outlined in your constitution or mission statement.

We support a broad spectrum of events and projects that include community services, events and celebrations, buildings, public spaces and facilities, research, and organisational development. Our funding options are designed to match the diversity of the communities we support.

If your idea or project doesn't seem to fit into our application process, please call us. We welcome new ideas and would be happy to explore them.

What we can't fund

We do not support the following:

  • Any project, event or activity that does not align with our corporate social responsibility
  • Core school and further higher educational activities e.g. playground equipment for schools
  • Ongoing operating costs, other than in an emergency or for projects with an end date
  • Promotion of a particular religious or spiritual philosophy. Our support to faith based groups focuses on welfare, community service or community event activities that are not of a religious nature
  • Individual pursuits such as travel to participate in sporting events or ongoing medical treatment
  • Events where another financial institution, bank or insurance competitor are a sponsor
  • Programs that could be detrimental to public health or safety, discriminatory, or offensive to the community
  • Events that encourage smoking, substance abuse, irresponsible alcohol consumption, substance abuse, or are directly related to gambling
  • Organisations and events outside our core regions
  • Activities that duplicate our existing sponsorships

If you are unsure about whether we can support your request, please call us on (07) 4150 4177.

Requesting an amount

We accept applications of any amount. You should apply for the amount that you need to serve the purpose properly. Please don't under, or over, estimate your request.

Generally we would not expect to be the only source of funding. We intend our grants to complement other sources of support, including a contribution from your organisation's own resources.

Submitting your application

Please submit your application before 5pm on the closing date specified. Late applications will not be considered.

Please submit one (1) electronic copy and one (1) printed copy of your application including any additional forms and information required to marketing@auswidebank.com.au and the mailing address below:

Att: Marketing Specialist – Promotions, Events & Community
Auswide Bank
PO Box 1063
Bundaberg QLD 4670

Reporting and evaluation

Please keep reporting and evaluation in mind in the planning stages of your event. All organisations who receive our support are accountable for providing a post-event report within four (4) weeks of your project/event completion.

You may be asked to report on the following:

  • Event objectives and if these were met
  • How the grant funding was spent
  • Event attendance numbers and feedback
  • Examples of any media, advertising or editorial
  • Photographs of the event and evidence of Auswide's sponsorship at your event

Please note that in some instances Auswide Bank may arrange an event debrief meeting to discuss your event.

Sharing the good news

Information about our community funding is sought after by the media, the community sector, government, and other funders. Where appropriate we encourage organisations who have received a grant to publicly acknowledge our support. We also appreciate in some cases that it is better to be discreet.

The publicity you generate will raise awareness about your activities and tell people who you are and what you're doing. It also helps stakeholders of Auswide Bank know where the money is being spent and how the community will benefit.

In addition to increasing public awareness of the work of your organisation, your publicity may also inspire other community organisations to apply for a grant.

Resources to assist you

If asked to promote our support we have resources to assist you:

  • Access to our Auswide Bank Brand Guidelines for use of the Auswide Logo & colours
  • Access to our logos for your website and publications
  • Access to banners, marquees, merchandise & signage

We are happy to hear your suggestions on other ways to publicise our support. Please call our Community Relations Specialist on (07) 4150 4177 or email us at marketing@auswidebank.com.au.

Auswide Bank Logo

You can request our logos by calling our Marketing Department on (07) 4150 4177. In most cases the logo kit will be sent to you on confirmation of your successful application.

Auswide Bank Brand Guidelines

The document Auswide Bank Brand Guidelines is intended to be used as a guide by community groups on how to use our logo, colours and brand.

All artwork is to be pre-approved by our Marketing Department by email. Please forward to marketing@auswidebank.com.au.


How are payments made?

Once a grant is approved, we will send you a letter or email advising your organisation of the successful application and the amount you have been approved to receive.

If you accept the grant and are GST registered you will be required to send Auswide a tax invoice at least 60 days before your event. If applicable, all payments of grants are inclusive of GST.

Approved funding is paid through an electronic funds transfer one month prior to your event. Please make sure that the bank account details you provide in your application are those of your organisation's main operating account. If these details change please complete a Change of Details form.

What happens if your project or organisation details change?

If the changes relate to your organisation's details such as bank details, name, delegated authority or GST status, please complete a Change of Details form.

If your project or some of the people involved has changed, please tell us. We can work with you in responding to any differing or changed circumstances.

What if your project or event is cancelled?

If your event does not proceed, you will be required to refund any money paid to your organisation, back to Auswide Bank within 30 days. The only exception is if your event/project is cancelled on the day due to bad weather or unforeseeable circumstances. If you can show us that your cancelled event or project will proceed at a later date, we may consider rolling-over that investment, but this will be assessed on a case by case basis. Please call our Marketing Department to gain clarification.