Electronic Payments

Whether you're transferring money from your account, receiving money or simply paying a bill, there are lots of ways you can move your money – simply ask us for a solution!

Direct Debits & Payments

Transfer funds from your Auswide Bank account to other Auswide Bank accounts, to another bank or to pay for goods or services.

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Direct Credits

Transfer funds into your Auswide Bank account from another bank or organisation.

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An Auto-Sweep means you don't have to worry about cheques you write being dishonoured or direct debits/external payments you have arranged rejecting.

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Pay your bills online, over the phone or at our branches.

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'Same Day' Funds Transfer (RTGS)

We can arrange a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) to transfer funds to another bank on the same day.

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Send or Receive Money from Overseas

Sending or receive money internationally with our foreign exchange options.

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