Electronic Communications

Switch to eCommunications now to receive your account information online!

At Auswide Bank, we are very conscious of our impact on the environment.

We are also increasingly aware of our community's changing attitudes and expectations.


Under the Corporations Act we are required to provide you with certain documentation when you establish or change your banking relationship (transaction, savings, term deposits, insurance and related banking services) with us.

Sometimes we will send this information to you electronically by email or SMS. These are known as eCommunications.

While eCommunications still have some impacts on our environment, they help us reduce the need for paper. You could also receive your account information a lot more quickly. Reducing waste and increasing efficiency also makes sense financially as higher costs also impact on our customers.

We can send you this information electronically because ASIC has authorised financial institutions to send disclosures for these types of products to a customer’s email address or by SMS as the default communication option - unless the customer opts out or they do not have email.

If you do not opt-out, we will send you eCommunications where we can.

You will still continue to get some things in the mail including any ‘credit related’ financial information unless you provided consent when you applied for credit or you have specifically requested us to send you a particular item electronically .

You should regularly check your email or mobile phone for messages from us. You can update your preferred /changed email address or mobile phone number at any time by contacting us in writing or by secure Internet Banking email.

Opting out of eCommunications:

You can choose to opt-out at anytime and receive hard copies of these documents by emailing us at auswidebank@auswidebank.com.au

Other Communications:

  • Marketing communications sent by email or SMS are covered by other laws and you need to advise us separately about your preferences for receiving these.
  • We are working towards provide e-Statements of your bank or loan account. You can view your transactions using online banking options.
  • Auswide Bank shareholders can also opt-in to eCommunications by visiting our Corporate Website

Caution: Protect yourself from scammers or identity theft

While we may send you emails or SMS from time to time, we will never ask you for your account or customer number or your account login or password details.

If you receive an email or SMS message from us and you have any doubts about its origin or authenticity please email Auswide Bank on auswide@auswidebank.com.au or phone us on 1300 138 831.

Find out more about online banking security and identity protection on our website.